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Customer Testimonials

I had a much needed session with Janine recently and just want to express how truly grateful I am to this amazing lady. Janine is not only incredible at the healing work that she does, but she is such a kind, non judgmental and wise person, that I think we all could benefit from a session with her. I feel the best I have felt in 12 months - so balanced, happy and content. Thank you once again Janine.

Lisa L - July 2022

Believe it or not Janine can talk to animals! Yeah right I hear you say but it is true. I got my first whippet when I was 14 years old and they are the cleanest breed to have around the house. 4 years ago I got a new 8 month old puppy from a reputable breeder. Lily was impossible to house train, both peeing and pooing on the carpet day after day. She was also permanently worried, ran away, peeing herself at the slightest sudden movement and never wagged her tail. We had her checked by the vet and there was nothing physically wrong with her. We have no idea what happened to her as a puppy but it was like she had PTSD. Honestly we were at the point of having her put down, not just because she was so dirty, but also because she was such an unhappy dog no matter what we did. Then I met Janine. She did 3 sessions with Lily (one using me as an intermediary) and problem solved. Clean dog who bounced around and even after a few weeks found she had a waggy tail. Lily had a relapse when my daughter moved out and she got stressed. Another session with Janine and all sorted again. So thank you Janine for giving us this lovely, confident, happy family dog who is now full of character and wags her tail whenever we talk to her.

S Hardy - Nov 2019

I have to tell you this!! As I’ve told you, I’ve had multiple uterine fibroids for as long as I can remember i.e. over 15 years easily. In March 2017 I had an ultrasound, the results from which I was recommended to have a hysterectomy due to complications i.e. my kidneys were compromised due to pressure from my uterus/fibroids onto one ureter. Incidentally I was also querying an alternative to a hysterectomy which was also being considered i.e. a Uterine fibroid embolization. I sought some extra time due to seeing you for BodyTalk sessions and when I also took a course of homeopathy. Six weeks later I returned for my follow up ultrasound and I was absolutely delighted but not surprised 😊, that I no longer had the pressure on my ureter, my largest fibroid had measurably reduced and a cyst on one of my ovaries that’s been there for probably a couple of years was no longer visable. (It was on the earlier scan). So no surgery required – thank goodness for that for my future health! So thank you very much for your support during this process, much appreciated!

DS - Tauranga

Janine is awesome and her Body Talk sessions are amazing, I have been working with Janine for just over 12 months and my whole world has changed. I have found Body Talk to be very potent at clearing any issues I have had and moving me on quickly and Janine is a very skilled facilitator of this work. I highly recommend Janine to all who are needing help - she works at so many levels. Thank you so much - I am extremely grateful for all you have done.

Ali H - February 2016

I was told about Janine by someone who knew I had just been through a rough time having suffered the miscarriage of my very first pregnancy. I must admit I was skeptical about the concept of Bodytalk and how it could possibly help me to feel any better after what I had just been through. However I was feeling like I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a go anyway. Over the coming weeks Janine helped me to unravel some of the issues that I believe may have contributed to my body being unable to hold onto the pregnancy. Some of these were emotional and some were physical in terms of the the level of stress I was allowing into my life from work and other external sources. I found Janine to be a very warm and kind person and there was no pressure from her whatsoever to continue the Bodytalk sessions but as I found them very beneficial I continued to see Janine every few weeks as I healed emotionally and physically from the miscarriage. After a couple of months I decided I felt ready to start trying again for another baby. Much to my surprise I fell pregnant again right away and this time I felt different. Stronger and more relaxed, my anxiety was virtually non-existent - even though I had imagined the start of this pregnancy might be a nervous time after the last experience. Even people at work and friends & family commented on how I seemed more "chilled out" and less stressed than I had before. I felt great physically and stronger emotionally. I continued to see Janine for Bodytalk sessions intermittently throughout my pregnancy which was fortunately very easy and I would go as far as to say I enjoyed being pregnant. I am now the mother of a very healthy and happy four month old boy! My son and I have been back in to visit Janine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her very much for the way she helped me to get through this last year or so of my life. Janine and Bodytalk have given me a new perspective on alot of things and it is a comfort to know I can go back to Janine if I am facing any tough issues in the future.

Lisa - October 2016

Before I began working with Janine, I was having a lot of trouble around emotions. I am a very sensitive person and a lot of everyday situations were difficult. I did not understand why I was like this or know how to deal with myself or how to change it. As a consequence of having sessions with Janine I discovered that the things that ail me physically are deeply linked to my belief systems and how I feel about myself. They are also deeply linked to emotions. As I have learnt to deal with the emotions and change my beliefs the physical things have in some cases stopped reoccurring. The greatest thing that I have received from our work together is that although I carried a lot of fear, guilt, and anger deep within myself, I can heal and change my belief systems. I discovered how I really felt about myself and my life. I learned that often these beliefs may be small events that have impacted on my life and they create patterns in my health and wellbeing that can be changed. Janine has allowed me to see myself in a more positive light and change my conscious perspective. I would recommend Janine to others as I believe we are all carrying baggage of some sort and when you become aware of what a heavy load you are carrying, it is a great feeling to leave some of it behind, lighten the load, or exchange it for something more self serving. Janine is very passionate about her work. She listens attentively and cares very much about the wellbeing of her clients. She invests her time, is always professional and I have the utmost faith in her confidentiality. I always leave feeling loved and genuinely cared for. I feel that in today's busy world this is a very valuable attribute. The financial cost of having these sessions is worth it to me!! It has taken me a long time to learn to value myself. Any finances spent on myself is an investment in my health. You don't have much without good health.

Debbie - October 2015

Before I started having BodyTalk with Janine I was having anxiety, sleeplessness, felt stuck and was replaying the same negative thoughts. I had stomach reflux, and back, arm and chest pains. Among other emotions, I was feeling depressed, muddled, sad, fearful, uncertain and angry. My family, work, financial and health stress was moderate, with my relationship stress being severe. I was having a hard time within myself. The experience with Janine has been enlightening. I have learned a lot, and also alot about myself. Janine brought to light some issues from the past I never thought were relevant. It has made me think about things I had not considered before and thought weren’t important. I can feel my body responding to the treatments. After just 3 sessions, I have already noticed progress. I feel a lot more at peace and relaxed. Physically I am now sleeping better, have less anxiety, the reflux has much improved and the pains I was having in my body are virtually gone. The areas of my life that had moderate stress are now down to minimal, with my relationship stress also considerably improving. I am more motivated, feel healthier and am now coping with life better. This process has helped me to know who I am. I was in a position before where it was difficult to help myself. With working with Janine I can lie there and the changes just happen - it is a fresh approach. I have tried the counseling process and I felt that I left feeling more anxious. This approach is different from where you focus on all the bad stuff and keep rehashing it which gets repetitive. The past stuff that comes up during BodyTalk – you don’t have to dwell on it. I have done some Mindfulness work recently, which the BodyTalk has complemented really well. I feel the financial outlay in doing these sessions is absolutely worth it. I always leave the session feeling relaxed. It has been an amazing experience.

Sheryl - Tauranga 2015

I had heard about BodyTalk and hoped it could help me. I was having difficulty breathing all the time, and every day – there was no let up (this had gotten worse and worse over a period of 14 years, with the last 2 years being in constant difficulty), asthma, allergies, digestive disorders. I had feelings of guilt and depression, and felt a wreck, and that it wasn’t worth existing. I have found working with Janine to be really good. I am improving step by step all the time. Physically I now frequently have days when I can breath easily again, and I feel alive again and normal – which I had not had for a long time. Emotionally I am more relaxed, and things don’t bother me like they used to – I do not react to negative things the same way that I used to. My relationship with my husband has improved – I am more tolerant and understanding. Coming here to see Janine and learning what I have learnt, and addressing things that have happened in my life, I am more understanding and accepting. I am not hooking into other peoples stuff like I was, and am now more calmer. I am enjoying the experience and finding it helpful on the road back to being more a whole person. By changing my awareness about how I see the world, it’s changing me emotionally and bit by bit physically. I used to have a fear of water, another of claustrophobia and being in lifts, another about dogs – these fears are all now gone. I also used to get heartburn, dizziness, have aching joints, and was struggling to keep weight on. These things have also now been resolved. There are other symptoms that are also reducing and not occurring as much as they used to – eg less getting up to toilet during the night, bouts of fatigue are less often (used to be constant), using inhaler less, eyes not as itchy as often. I would recommend this to everybody (as I feel that everyone has an issue that they can work on) because this can change your life, and your outlook on life. I feel that Janine knows what she is talking about, and has great experience. I always go away feeling relaxed and better than when I arrived. I always look forward to the next appointment. Janine also gives me tools so I can keep helping myself when things come up on a daily basis, and in learning to recognize what my triggers are.

L.L - Tauranga September 2015

I engaged Janine’s help in relation to myself coaching a sports team through a semi-final and final game. The team had some issues with fear, anxiety and self-belief and as a coach I felt nervous for the players as well. Although this team was very talented with some skilled players they would at times play inconsistently. Some girls lacked self-confidence. There was also a small amount of rivalry between players that had a competitive element which didn’t always work well for the rest of the team. I wanted to go into our games feeling fearless, strong and settled on court. Initially in our BodyTalk session Janine worked on myself as the matrix holder for our team and I felt very connected to all of the players. She detected that there were some relationship issues amongst players and myself that needed repairing. Janine was very intensive about all the different issues that would arise in a game and also in relation to being coached and a part of a team. It was uncanny that many of the issues that Janine picked up appeared over the next week after our body talk session. The team was our main focus of our sessions as I was not seeking healing work for myself at the time, however what followed was an amazing account of which I will try to explain. I went into a very deep relaxed state early on in our session, I felt very connected to my team initially and visualizing them was easy. I hadn’t tried body talk before but was open to this type of therapy. I started to feel a vibrating sensation in my hands, it felt light and tingly. I didn’t say anything to Janine at first as I was unsure of what was happening. The tingling then spread to my toes, over twenty minutes this sensation crept up my legs and into my stomach. I had a peaceful, warm feeling about it all and with my eyes closed could ‘see’ many different colours. I had the awareness that I was not alone and that a very peaceful guardian was helping me through this session. I don’t know if this was external or a part of myself. I don’t think it really matters. The vibration became strongest in my solar plexus and it felt almost as though I was lifting off the bed. Obviously I was not because I asked Janine if I was. I could feel the power between my hands which to the touch were cold but felt warm to me. I told Janine how I was feeling and asked if this was normal. She replied that many people experience BodyTalk in different ways. I felt full of joy and wonder at this unexpected positive and enlightening experience. Once we came to the end of our session the sensations gradually melted away. I felt lighter than I have done in years. I have no doubt that Janine had also helped me to open energy channels within myself as she is used to working and shifting energy. I also feel that I personally benefitted from our sessions even though this was not initially the intention but a very pleasant side effect of the BodyTalk merging with Reiki. When I went to my second session I had a similar type of experience, which was fantastic for me as I thought that it was only a one off situation. The BodyTalk sessions helped me in many ways. I felt less anxious and nervous on a personal level but also more confident in my decisions. I was also able to clearly analyse what was happening in front of me without anything clouding my judgement. I was also able to clearly visualise with Janine’s assistance, something I find hard to do on my own. The outcome for my team was a positive one. I also felt more relaxed and able to think clearly on the day we played our semi-final, which was a huge benefit. The girls gelled together really well and there were no distractions. I think trying these modalities with an open mind and willingness to expand your awareness will help you achieve your intended outcomes personally or as the coach of a team. I would definitely recommend Janine as a BodyTalk practitioner and Reiki healer. She certainly helped myself and my team. Thank you Janine.

F.C - Tauranga Aug 2015

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