Certified BodyTalk, PaRama BodyTalk, HelioSol, Reiki Master, Tuning Forks Practitioner

How many sessions will I need?

BodyTalk is an individualised treatment plan. Everyone varies with how many sessions they need - it depends on the individual, and what they have going on, and what their goals are.

Ideally you will need 3-5 sessions to begin with to get the body processing and making changes. We check with the body at the end of each session if another session is required, and if so - when.

Everyone's bodies shift and heal at their own pace. BodyTalk is about uncovering the stories underneath the symptoms, and the body then needs to process the changes. Each BodyTalk session gets to another layer, and story - the analogy of peeling the onion.

How long is a session?

I usually allow up to 90 minutes for each treatment. This is because I like to incorporate a lot of relaxation into the sessions, and also because I use a combination of modalities for an individualised treatment plan for what the Body-Mind needs e.g the body may need to receive some Reiki, as well as a BodyTalk session (these two modalities work beautifully together and complement each other to enhance the treatment being received). Each session can be very different with what is needed.  

What will I feel after a treatment?

This also varies for every individual, and can also be different after every session that you have. BodyTalk is about facilitating change - which comes in many different forms.   

Does BODYTALK just treat the symptom?

No - Bodytalk treats the whole person. It looks at the whole story/causes behind the symptoms. BodyTalk works from the bottom up - not the top down (as in the analogy of the iceberg).  

Why is BODYTALK unique?

  • BodyTalk works on a quantum level. This means changes are fundamental addressing causes rather than symptoms, and are therefore lasting.
  • BodyTalk is Cumulative - Because your body stores the changes made by the brain during the tapping process, this means that EVERY formula or circuit that is corrected builds on the one before. Your body actually remembers the BodyTalk sessions it receives and your healing process will continue with each additional session you have.
  • BodyTalk is 100% safe – no harm can possibly be done.
  • Permission is asked first. If we don’t get the OK to do BodyTalk we find out what is the best healing modality for you.
  • We let your body set the priority for what is addressed. This means that what ever comes up in a session is completely individual to each client at that point in time in their lives.
  • There are no medicines or manipulations. We bring your brain up to speed so it can organise the necessary changes. BodyTalk is also complementary and integrative. It draws upon the wisdom of ancient medical traditions of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine together with the latest advances in Western Medicine and Quantum Physics.  

What happens in a BODYTALK session?

The BodyTalk System gives the practitioner protocols to be able to assess all the systems of the body for dysfunction. The practitioner can consult your 'innate intelligence' via neurological bio-feedback (muscle testing) to discover where these dysfunctions lie. As every individual is so unique only their innate intelligence knows what is to be balanced and in what order, therefore using The BodyTalk System, we ask each individual body what needs balancing, and in what sequence, so you get the treatment you need rather than the treatment the practitioner thinks you need.

Once the problem is located, an advanced Yoga technique is used which consists of light tapping on the head and then on the heart. This allows the body to communicate its needs to the brain. If the brain doesn't know what is wrong it can’t activate the healing process. It has been shown when a patient is linked up to an EEG when this treatment occurs, the parts of the brain associated with the problem areas go through a massive amount of brain wave activity.

Tapping over the sternum encourages the heart to store (you “know it by heart”) the “new, improved” patterns in the body's cellular memory, so the cells can replicate with the newly corrected code instead of the old damaged patterns, thereby continuing the healing process long after the session is over.

Clinical results have shown that once the communication systems have been re-established and the bodymind synchronized, the body is capable of improving its function at a deep and lasting level. As the BodyTalk practitioner is really teaching the body to return itself to “normal”, this means that the healing process becomes automatic for the client.

The client remains fully clothed during the session.

Other modalities the practitioner knows could also come up as a priority to be integrated into the BodyTalk Session.