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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

Everyone has an individualised treatment plan, and it varies with how many sessions they want or need - it depends on the individual,  what they have going on, and what their goals are.  Every client goes at at their own pace.  Each session gets to another layer, and story - the analogy of peeling the onion..

How long is a session?

Generally 75 to 90 minutes..  The session is a combination of modalities of what the Mind-Body requires at that point in time, so each session can be very different with what is needed and how long.     

What will I feel after a treatment?

This also varies for every individual, and can also be different after every session that you have. Sessions are about "facilitating change" - which comes in many different forms.   

Do sessions just treat the symptom?

No - it looks at the whole person, and at the whole story/beliefs/patterns etc. 

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