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Animal Sessions

Janine is also available for sessions for any kind of animal.


These sessions are available in person online with the owner and animal, or by distance remote treatment with a photo of the animal required.  


Sometimes it is required to work on the owner as well as the animal - as they may also be needing some sort of treatment in relation to what is happening with the animal - in which case both will be worked on.


The priority modality is used, or a combination of - whatever the session requires e.g. Tuning forks, HelioSol,  

Animal Sessions:

Believe it or not Janine can talk to animals! Yeah right I hear you say but it is true. I got my first whippet when I was 14 years old and they are the cleanest breed to have around the house. 4 years ago I got a new 8 month old puppy from a reputable breeder. Lily was impossible to house train, both peeing and pooing on the carpet day after day. She was also permanently worried, ran away peeing herself at the slightest sudden movement and never wagged her tail. We had her checked by the vet and there was nothing physically wrong with her. We have no idea what happened to her as a puppy but it was like she had PTSD. Honestly we were at the point of having her put down, not just because she was so dirty, but also because she was such an unhappy dog no matter what we did. Then I met Janine. She did 3 sessions with Lily (one using me as an intermediary) and problem solved. Clean dog who bounced around and even after a few weeks found she had a wagggy tail. Lily had a relapse when my daughter moved out and she got stressed. Another session with Janine and all sorted again. So thank you Janine for giving us this lovely, confident, happy family dog who is now full of character and wags her tail whenever we talk to her.

S Hardy - Nov 2019

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