Certified BodyTalk, PaRama BodyTalk, HelioSol, Reiki Master, Tuning Forks Practitioner

Janine Stokes is a Certified Practitioner of BodyTalk, the more advanced PaRama BodyTalk, HelioSol, and is a Reiki Master Practitioner in Ushui Reiki, and a Master Teacher in Karuna Reiki. She has her practice in Tauranga, New Zealand.

In 2003 she was facing challenges in her own health, and could not find anything that was helping her. This sent her on a personal journey of having to expand her awareness to look at other options besides just "going to the doctor" to be able to change her health, and life. Once being a skeptic of using any sort of complementary therapies - she found her way to Reiki, and then to BodyTalk. That’s when she came to the realisation that wellness is not just about looking at and treating only the physical aspects, or symptoms. To effectively create change the whole package of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual must be addressed together, along with other variables in our lives that all influence our dis-ease.  

After experiencing the benefits and positive changes that these modalities had on her own life - she decided to do the training and became a Reiki Master, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), and continued in her BodyTalk study to become a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner - which uses much more advanced techniques and in depth workings of the body-mind complex. Forever continuing in her learning - Janine also incorporates any other learnt modalities into her sessions as required eg Tuning Forks, First Light Flower Essences, San Baio, Mindscape, HelioSol System.

Each client's session is individualised just for them and what their body-mind needs, using a combination of modalities, for any issues they may have going on in the mind or body. From any type of illnesses or injuries, depression/anxiety or stress related issues, to even such things as enhancing sports performance for an athlete, using before or after surgeries, or while having treatments such as chemo (to enhance success and recovery), to treating learning disorders in children, or simply just for personal growth, or health and wellness maintenance/prevention - and so much more! Janine also does Skype or Distance Sessions (so you do not just have to live in Tauranga to use Janine as your Practitioner).

Janine is very passionate about her work, and enjoys facilitating change for people on their health and life journey. Her specialised interest is in facilitating change for women who are suffering from anxiety/depression/low self esteem, or who are feeling stuck or lost in their lives, and struggling to deal with the stresses of everyday life - and addressing all the consequential health issues/dis-eases in the body that these factors cause.

Animal sessions are also available using the HelioSol System, Mindscape, as well as any other modalities that come up e.g. Tuning Forks. These sessions are only available however by distance, or possibly in clinic with the owner only who acts as the surrogate. Janine is also very passionate about animals - she spent 10 years working in a Veterinary Clinic, as well as 20 years living/working on a Dairy Farm.

BodyTalk is a constantly evolving system, with new courses for Practitioners being developed all the time from the latest scientific research and information. As a Practitioner, Janine is continually studying and updating, and has specific continuing education requirements to meet for continued registration with the International BodyTalk Association. She is also currently studying towards a Certificate in NZ First Light Flower Essences.

As well as being a member of the International BodyTalk Association, she was also actively involved with the New Zealand BodyTalk Association (before it was recently dissolved) and spent 2 years on the committee in the role of Treasurer.

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Janine is a Member of:

- International BodyTalk Association (IBA)

- New Zealand BodyTalk Association (NZBA)

- Reiki New Zealand

BODYTALK Modules & Courses Completed:

  • PaRama Unit 1 BodyTalk System
  • PaRama Unit 2
  • PaRama Practical
  • Fundamentals Module 1 & 2 (x2)
  • Advanced BodyTalk Protocol and Procedures
  • Matrix Dynamics - Module 9 (x2)
  • Principles of Conciousness - Study Group with John Veltheim
  • BodyTalk in the Treatment of Cancer
  • BodyTalk and the Family Hope Centre Program - Neurological Disorders in Infants and Kids
  • Body Psychology - Shoulders, Hips, Spine
  • Body Psychology - Organs, Endocrines, Fascia, Water
  • The Souls Journey - Exploring the Mind and 3 Brains
  • BodyTalk Advanced Integration
  • The Metaphysics of Treating
  • Male & Female Infertility
  • Traditional 5 Element Acupuncture
  • BodyTalk Advanced Mindscape
  • BodyTalk Direct
  • Fundamentally BodyTalk
  • Practitioner Mastery Day with Dr Tracey Clark

  • BodyTalk Access (x3)
  • Principles of Consciousness - Module 3
  • BioDynamics - Module 4/7 (x2)
  • BioDynamics Module 4/7 StudyGroup with Kerry D'Ambragio & Dr Tracey Clark
  • Macrocosmic BodyMind - Module 6 (x2)
  • Body Ecology (Microbiome, Immune System, Allergies)
  • Body Ecology Master Class
  • BodyTalk and DNA
  • Mindscape (x2)
  • Practitioner Reflex
  • Energetics
  • Lymphatic Drainage & Applied Anatomy & Physiology - Module 5
  • Linking Awareness Journey - Intercellular Communication - with Loesje Jacobs
  • Linking Awareness Adventure - with Loesje Jacobs
  • Evolve Epigenetics Masterclass - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Eastern Medicine - Anatomy & Physiology of the Energetic Body
  • Finding Health Consolidated
  • Group Sessions - Skin, Eyes, Ears

BODYTALK Modules / Courses currently doing &/or enrolled in:

  • Finding Health: Mapping the Healing Process
  • Epigenetic Cancer Strategies - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Longevity and Stress Hormones - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Weight and Metabolism Master Group - with Dr Laura Stuve

Other Current Study:

  • BioGeometry & Sacred Geometry
  • Source Point Therapy

REIKI Qualifications:

  • Master Teacher Karuna Reiki
  • Master Practitioner Ushui Reiki

Other Qualifications Attained, Courses, Workshops Completed:

  • John Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage
  • NZ Institute of Management - Diploma in Management
  • New Zealand Diploma in Business Studies
  • Nutralife Natural Health Consultant Certificate
  • NaturoPharm Introduction to Homoeopathy Training Course
  • KiwiHerb Herbal Correspondence Course
  • Mindfulness Course
  • Myofascia Release Therapy - The Fundamentals with Beth Beauchamp
  • Neale Donald Walsch - One Day Workshop
  • Eckhart Tolle - Evening Lecture Auckland Civic
  • Dr Joe Dispenza - Online Intensive Workshop
  • Dr Joe Dispenza - Progressive Workshop
  • Dr Joe Dispenza - Livestream lectures/meditation group work x 4 events from Cancun, Germany, Portland, Niagara Falls
  • NZ First Light Flower Essences:  
  • Modules 101&102 - Flower Collection, Transform Your Attitude - Change your Life;  
  • Modules 103&104 - Fern Collection, Moving Beyond Pain - Clearing the Aura
  • Modules 105&106 - Tree Collection, Balance, Strengthen & Protect the Chakras
  • Modules 107&108 - Seed Collection, Restoring DNA Master Patterns for Living
  • Modules 109&110 - Plant Collection, Enhance Life Experiences -  Live Life Consciously 

  • Helio Sol Technique
  • Helio Sol Core Reveal & Release
  • Helio Sol - Helio Sol System Fundamentals
  • The Doorway - Your Inner Compass Workshop
  • Your Feminine - Stillness, Grounding, Presence & Beyond Course with Alison Bachmeier
  • Sex, Love and Passion Courses (Part 1 & 2) - with Alison Bachmeier
  • Sparkle & Shine Course - with Alison Bachmeier
  • Sacred Energies - Level I & Level II
  • Dr Laura Stuve Study Groups - Brain incl Hypothalamus, Neurons
  • Hormones and Neurotransmitters 101 - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Female Hormone Renew - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Connect-Om Series - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Longevity and Stress Hormones - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Weight and Metabolism Master Group - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Epigenetic Cancer Strategies - with Dr Laura Stuve
  • Integrative Anatomy - with Lynn Teachworth
  • The O2 Awakening - BreathWork Workshop
  • DNA Tuning Forks with Loesje Jacobs
  • San Baio - The 3 Treasures of Jing, Qi, Shen - with Janet Galipo and Dr Nancy Werner
  • Astrology Level 1 - with Harsha Rigney / Chrissy Winehouse
  • Healthy Aging Workshop - with Deepak Chopra
  • Pivot Protocol for Acid Reflux with Christian Nix